Tusheti – Shenako

09 Dec

Senaqo 003

Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Shenako is located on the southern slope of the great Caucasus and is situated on 2080m above sea level. In summer a few family lives in the village. Around the village there are grasslands and unique variety of pine woodlands.

Senaqo 001 Senaqo 002 Senaqo 003 Senaqo 004 Senaqo 005 - Copy Senaqo 006 Senaqo 007 - Copy Senaqo 008 Senaqo 009 Senaqo 010 - CopyIn the centre of Shenako there is a church built in XIX century. In front of the church there is a memorial of Tushs from Diklo and Shenako.

The script on the memorial proves impossibility of abandoning the territory By Tushs

Archeological excavations carried out in Shenako revealed a terrace type of settlement characteristic to this mountainous area. People in Shenako preferred natural castles. These are the villages of  Old DIklo, Hego, Tsaro, Indurta and etc which are decorated by the towers and castles. We still have the ruins of these villages. These castles and towers defended the population against neighbouring community’s attack. Most of these castles are destroyed now . At the end of the 19th century  the traditional tribal and family system with  the tower architecture of the region changed. Instead, lowland style home construction became popular for individual families, dominated by houses with open, wooden balconies.

The Shenako Micro Hydropower plant is providing clean, renewable energy to the families living in the village. The construction of the Shenako Micro Hydro Power Plant commenced with the World Bank. With the support of the Ministry of Energy, a transmission line  was constructed from the MHP to the village Shenako. During its testing in July 2011, the MHP generated 30 kW. The plant will supply power to the village year round.

People living in Omalo and other villages use solar energy.

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