Tusheti – Indurta

09 Dec

indurTa 004Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

The road to Indurta is dangerous. Drivable pass is terrifying and hazardous through craggy green mountains and ravines. It takes several hours to reach Tsovata by car and 5 days on a horseback.

indurTa 001 indurTa 002 indurTa 003 indurTa 004 indurTa 005 indurTa 006 wovaTa - chanchqeri 001 wovaTa - chanchqeri 002 wovaTa 001 wovaTa 002 wovaTa 003Reached Tsovata, Indurta, we met only shepherds and saw ruins of fortress towers. Looking down we could see the tents of foreign tourists. Abandoned houses still looked lofty.

Historically, Tusheti comprised four mountain communities: the Tsova (living in the Tsova Gorge), the Gometsari (living along the banks of the TushetisAlazaniRiver), the Pirikiti (living along the banks of the PirikitisAlazaniRiver) and the Chaghma, living close to the confluence of the two rivers). People living in Tsova and Pirikit are sheep herders. So they build the villages in the mountains and also in the lowlands.  In the mountains the villages were: Indurta, Mozarta, Etelta, Nazarta, Tsaro, Shavtskhala, Sagirta and Nadirta. In the lowlands, In Pankisi ravine: Omalo, Khalatsani, Batsara, Birkiani and etc. In Alvani lands-Bakhtrioni, Tsitsilkhure, Mukhrovani, Gulgalchala, Otkhtvala, Aloni, Lapankhure and Baichlakhure. In 1861 when Tsovata village Sagirta was destroyed, the people began moving even lower, to the Kakheti region of Georgia, forming two large villages, Zemo Alvani and Kvemo Alvani. Tsova-Tushs are Christian orthodox.

One Slavian tourist told us that he was inspired with the breathtaking nature of Tusheti and wished to keep such unspoiled beauty and not to change it like Svaneti.

Tusheti should keep its unspoiled and unbelievable beauty, though reconstruction of ruined fortress towers and abandoned villages will develop tourism in that region.

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