Tusheti – Dartlo

16 Dec

darTlo 024

Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Dartlo and Kvavlo, on the ridge of its mountain, are one of the most beautiful villages in whole Tusheti. Dartlo is situated at 2000 meters above sea level in the gorge of Alazani which is on the Southern slope of  Pirikiti ridge.

darTlo 001 daRtlo 002 darTlo 003 darTlo 004 darTlo 005 darTlo 006 darTlo 007 darTlo 008 darTlo 009 darTlo 010 darTlo 011 darTlo 012 darTlo 013 darTlo 014 darTlo 015 darTlo 016 darTlo 017 darTlo 018 darTlo 019 darTlo 020 darTlo 021 darTlo 022 darTlo 023 darTlo 024 darTlo 025 darTlo 026 darTlo 027 darTlo 028 darTlo 029 darTlo 030 darTlo 031 darTlo 032Several inhabitants live in Dartlo and there is a hotel for tourists too.

Tush traditional architecture is still seen in Dartlo. You will meet ruins of  fortress-houses and towers. In the center of the village there are two main towers with pyramid-shaped roof. In Gaghma of Didkhevi there are ruins of two pagan-Christian (syncretic) buildings. There you will notice a stony roof and in the east wall there are windows and a shelter for clergy and other building for religious rituals. Below the vaults and in the entrance of the village there is a graveyard. Graves are covered with stones.

In the entrance of the village there is a church built in the XIX century by Russians. It was built on a very place of Salotsavi (Pilgrim’s hut). Locals had destroyed the church. Still today no women are allowed to enter there.

Dartlo sabcho was a traditional court. Imagine, twelve elder people of the village sitting on a semi circular stone chairs, a kneeled judge, a witness and the accused  nearby on their places.  There is a crowd of people nearby. The ritual of oath starts. There is a special oath stone A hair of participants’ moustache is placed under it. The court starts…

In the end of XVII century a tribal justice-maker was a daughter of famous Tush public hero Devdri Anta. She was  known for her wisdom.

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