16 Dec

gedi 001

Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

In Telavi region, Kakheti, at Napareuli vallage, in Lopota gorge (20 km from Telavi and 170km from Tbilisi) at Lopota lake we met a tollgate. I was lucky to be with a group of people and the hotel room was already reserved. Amazing lake waving hauntingly  between the mountains isn’t affordable for tourists.

gedi 002 gedi 003 gedi 004 gedi 005 gedi 006 lopota 001 lopota 002 lopota 004 lopota 005 lopota 006 lopota 007 lopota 008 lopota 009 lopota 010 lopota 011 lopota 012 lopota gedi 003Yes, tourists carrying their backpacks can neither put up their tent at the lake nor catch fish if they don’t have a reserved room in the hotel. Just they won’t be let in…

Though, the people who prefer to rest in the mountains, Lopota is the best place.  Beautiful nature, a lake and peaceful atmosphere… There is everything to rest wonderfully. Resort “Lopota” was opened in 2008. (The resort  was said to be opened to develop tourism, though I doubt it was true, as tourism doesn’t only mean a reserved room). Beautiful swans swim in the lake. The length of the lakeis1 km and the depth is 1.5m at the shore. In the middle it is said to be 4m. Guests spend unforgettable time there.

Service at the resort includes horse-riding., billiards, tennis-courts and etc…

We met many Russian guests at Lopota. They were having wonderful time and enjoying all the services offering by the hotel.

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