Tusheti – Girevi

16 Dec

girevi 001Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Girevi is situated in the historical area of Tusheti, in the historical Pirikita(Aghma) community. The village is located on the left side of Pirikita Alazani river, 50 km away from Omalo. Girevi was abandoned during the Soviet period. Nowadays, It lies on the territory of Tusheti protected landscape and the Ministry of environment protection of Georgia controls it.

girevi 002 girevi 003 girevi 004 girevi 005 girevi 006 girevi 007 girevi 008 girevi 009 girevi 010 girevi 011 girevi 012 girevi girevi-chitebi 001When the settlers living in the villages of Pirikiti community (Chegho, Chontio, Dadikurta and Nakudurta) were leaving the territory, some settlers often stayed in Girevi. . Girevi was the last abandoned village. Today in the end of the village there is a post of border guards. Several families return in the village in summer, though in winter it is still abandoned. Foreign tourists often visit the village. They take a hike from Omalo to Khevsureti. Most of the tourists are Jews and tourists from Post-Soviet countries. Some tourists are from Austria and The USA.

As local people tell us, all the fortresses were built by a Kist father-son from Bauli. It often happened in peaceful time. The fortress is on the rock, 500m from the village in the west. It has five stories. (4.2X3.9 m, height 18.3m). Upper part of the fortress is narrower. The construction is dry made out of shale. The fortress needs restoration-reconstruction.

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