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New Year’s traditions in Georgia

CiCilakitranslated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Georgian folk rituals of various parts of Georgia differ from each other.  People meet New Year differently in different parts of Georgia. December 31 in Racha is known as Kalandoba.  On that day one member of the family went to the forest to bring a sledge of wood at home. There were some Badzagari (evergreen tree with thorns) on the sledge. The sledge of wood was placed in the threshing-floor and faced the East. In the evening a pig was slaughtered (Sakalando Pig). Qada was baked in lard. It was called “Pig’s charm”. Before supper a boy or an elderly man of the family took a glass of wine to the pigsty to pray there: Let St. Basil grew pigs. They made a Gvergvi from cane, baked a big Lobiani-Qadiani in lard. A piece of Lobiani-qadiani was put on a Gvergvi with honey, apples and silver changes. Bread was baked the same amount as family members. Read the rest of this entry »

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