Tusheti – Parsma

22 Jan

farsma 017Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

According to archival records, Parsma is a central village of Pirikita community. Parsma ruins are situated in Tusheti, in hostorica Piriqita (Aghma) community. The village is 40km away from village Omalo, on the left bank of Alazani. The tower (Tsverianitsikhe) is built by Kist father-son from Bauli. Kist often helped with building towers in peaceful time. There is icon of St. Teodore in Parsma, a cult of the monument in the south-east of Parsma. It was built late middle ages. The tower is rectangular (5.3X4.8m), built dry with slates. It is damaged and needs restoration. At Quchu mountain pass you will meat stones, thrown down by Murtazi. He was thought to be a leader of the community and the stones were probably thrown down by his army. The stones are called “Jarisqvanagrovebi” (stones collected by the army).

There is a small guest house in Parsma. It is always open in summer for both, foreign or local tourists. As the owner of the guesthouse says tourist rarely visit Parsma to stay overnight. Tourists often stay in Omalo. Though, as our host said, he often goes camping as a guide with the tourists to Khevsureti. When we were at his guest house she had tourists from Moscow.

There are many ruins in Parsma, though Tushs go back to Parsma litlle by little even in summer. A few families were getting ready to go to lowlands.

It is said, when the foundations of the abandoned house is destroying from inside, it is cursed and Tush don’t restore the building. They believe that the foundation, which didn’t bring happiness to the family, won’t bring the one to them either.

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