On the way to Svaneti

05 Feb

svaneTisken 006Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili end

Salome Tavdgiridze

Svaneti has a long history. This is the region where serfdom was never established. Svans never fought against enemies and they let no one dominate in the area. Today they still follow their traditions, customs and rules. That was the route we chose- a snowy road to Svaneti. The sun was shining brightly on a winter day. Despite the sunny weather it was cold in Svaneti and cars had difficulties in moving. On our way we stopped several times to help the passengers.

We took several passengers home. They hopeless were waiting for transport to go home.

Beautiful cliffs, rocks and running waterfalls, The River Enguri and amazing and really scary Engurhes…

Tourists will see a lot of beautiful places on the way to Svaneti. Not only visiting sights but the route will become unforgettable for them – the first Svanian tower, proudly arisen rocks and churches and chapels watching the whole neighboring from the top of the mountains.

The height of Svanian tower is nearly 10 -25 meters. The tower is wider in the bottom than in the top. Towers had a function of a fortress as well as a watchtower. However they also were used as a dwelling. Towers were built with cobblestones, slate tiles and lime, Sometimes Svans used eggs as a building material.

Seeing them make unforgettable impression on a visitor.

svaneTisken 002 svaneTisken 003 svaneTisken 004 svaneTisken 005 svaneTisken 007 svaneTisken 008 svaneTisken 009 svaneTisken 010 svaneTisken 011 svaneTisken 012 svaneTisken 013 svaneTisken 014 svaneTisken 015 svaneTisken 017 svaneTisken 018 svaneTisken 019 svaneTisken 020 svaneTisken 021 svaneTisken 022 svaneTisken 023 svaneTisken 024 svaneTisken 025 svaneTisken 026 svanetisken 027 svaneTisken 028 svaneTisken 029 svaneTisken 030 svaneTisken 031 svaneTisken 032 svaneTisken 033 engurhesi 001

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