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Frosts during global warming

balaxi bakurianiTranslated by

Salome Tavdgiridze

Abnormal frosts, which registered in the world in recent times, don’t support the theory of beginning global warming. However, according to the scientists the frost indicates global climate change in the future. “Live Science” writes about it. Snowfalls in the Middle East, also, frosts in California indicate the temperature change. ”Cold winter in warm regions is an evidence of global warming, “- said Michael Mann, a professor of the University of Pennsylvania. Specialists also say that quite a number of climate anomalies were registered last year. Winters have become colder and summers have became warmer. Read the rest of this entry »

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lervtaxevi-006Author and reporter

Gioegi Zedginidze ans Shalva Mamukashvili

Translated by Nutsa Shubitidze

A few people know about Leghvtakhevi. I doubt that people living in Tbilisi know much about it, not to say about people living abroad. One of the historical-geographical regions of old Tbilisi Leghvtakhevi, Dabakhana, Dabaghkhana, was situated in the south part of the city. Today Krtsanisi region is located in the territory (A botanical garden was included in the area). Due to many fig trees the beautiful place was called Leghvtakhevi (leghvi-fig). Read the rest of this entry »

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Gudauri – mountain ski resort


Author and reporter

Oliko Tsiskarishvili

translated by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Gudauri mountain ski resort is located on the south slope of the Caucasus Mountains. The trip from Tbilisi to Gudauri takes two hours. Ski season lasts from winter to spring.

 In 1988 the first ski lift was built and after that the resort developed little by little. There are five ski lifts and many ski routs in Gudauri.  Nearly 16 km length rout works from 10.00 to 17.00 o’clock. Gudauri is recognized as a significant mountain-skiing resort. It has the most comfortable and technically developed infrastructure. Despite high prices Gudauri has many foreign visitors as well as locals. The slopes of Gudauri are completed above the tree line. The ski lifts are built by Austrian company Doppelmayr. . There are five lifts- three chairs lift, four chairs lift, five chairs lift and one Gondola. Gudauri contains several routs. The first lower station is at 1990 m above sea level and the last top station is at 3270 m called Sadzele. The length of the longest downhill run is 7 km. Read the rest of this entry »

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