Frosts during global warming

13 Feb

balaxi bakurianiTranslated by

Salome Tavdgiridze

Abnormal frosts, which registered in the world in recent times, don’t support the theory of beginning global warming. However, according to the scientists the frost indicates global climate change in the future. “Live Science” writes about it. Snowfalls in the Middle East, also, frosts in California indicate the temperature change. ”Cold winter in warm regions is an evidence of global warming, “- said Michael Mann, a professor of the University of Pennsylvania. Specialists also say that quite a number of climate anomalies were registered last year. Winters have become colder and summers have became warmer.

 However, on the average, the temperature of the planet is going up. “The temperature on the Earth has gone up over the past thousand years. If this process continues, we will face serious negative changes “- says a scientist and recalls fires in Australia and hot spring in U.S last summer

I will remind that, World Bank experts say that global temperature may rise by about 4 degrees Celsius in the beginning of XXII century. As a result, the world may change beyond recognition.

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