13 Feb

lervtaxevi-006Author and reporter

Gioegi Zedginidze ans Shalva Mamukashvili

Translated by Nutsa Shubitidze

A few people know about Leghvtakhevi. I doubt that people living in Tbilisi know much about it, not to say about people living abroad. One of the historical-geographical regions of old Tbilisi Leghvtakhevi, Dabakhana, Dabaghkhana, was situated in the south part of the city. Today Krtsanisi region is located in the territory (A botanical garden was included in the area). Due to many fig trees the beautiful place was called Leghvtakhevi (leghvi-fig).

We meet Leghvtakhevi in historical sources in 1429. According to historical sources Leghvtakhevi devided Kala, the old district of Tbilisi from the city (today Abanot ubani). We meet other names of Leghvtakhevi in the sources of late Feudalism period. The names were: Tsavkisiskhevi, Salalakiskhxevi (after the name of The River Tsavkistsklis or Sololakistskhali) and Dabakhana .

A Botanical Garden was built in 19th century. Leghvtakhevi  was reconstructed-rehabilitated in 2012.

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