19 Mar

iyalTo 001Avtor and reporter: Oliko Tsiskarishvili

Translated by Eka Soselia

Ikalto medieval monastery ensemble is in Kaxeti, 7-8 km away from Telavi. There is some small domed church. This ensemble Included:Winepress – VIII century; Sameba (Trinity) temple – XI century; Theological Academy – VII-IX centuries. :1) Winepress – VIII century

Winepress is one of the well – preserved parts of the monastery life. According to the archeological excavations conducted in 60s and 70s of XX century, it can be stated, that this must have been part of the big cellar.

2) Sameba (Trinity) temple – XI century

The most ancient building of the monastery. The three little churches of ancient times a cellar dated XI-XIII centuries and several other buildings were discovered as a result of the archeological excavations. The biggest one is supposedly a bishop’s house.

3)Theological Academy – VII-IX centuries

Theological Academy is one of the buildings remained In its best conditions. The academy must have been a two – storied building. There is the oldest building of the monastery, situated to the West of the Academy.

Ikalto was academy where learned famous Georgian writter Sota Rustaveli.

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