The Prometheus Cave

16 Sep

promeTe 010Translated by Eka Soselia

photo by Oliko Tsiskarishvili

The Prometheus Cave is located in the cillage of Kumistavi of the Tskaltubo municipality.The cave was discovered in June, 1984. Its elevation equals to 100 meters above sea level.  Its entrance covers the area of 200-250 sq. ,eters and falls up to 40 meters in depth. The cave entrance is about 2.5-3 metres high, with a width of 4 metres. There is the Orpiri cave on the opposite side, which is up to 35 metres long and has similar way out. Tere is the Opicho Cave, 600 metres apart from the Orpiri cave. The Opicho cave has a 35 m long sloping entry. It is 12 metres in width and 6-7 metres in height. Spring flows out within the cave and forms a lake in 8 meters away. Today, 17 rooms are discovered in the cave. Length of the path in the cave is 1420 metres, which is ended by the inconceivable lake. Length of the path on the water is 300 metres. Tere are abundat of beautiful melted forms of the stalagmites and stalactites, “stony waterfalls” and “hanging stone curtains” in the cave.

There are a number of indigenous habitats in the cave. Including, spiders, cockroaches, bats, Nipharguses in the lake, Lesser Horseshoe Bats, Large Horseshoe Bats and listen in the “Red List” os Georgia Southern Horseshoe bats.

Imereti caves protected areas includs 10 caves, 1 ravine, 1 canyon and 1 waterfall.

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