Tourists Guide

keselo 020Tusheti

Administration of Protected Tusheti areas. Akhmeta region, Tusheti, Village Omalo.

Phone: 5 77 92 11 33, 5 77 10 18 91

Guesthouses:in village Omalo, Shenako, Parsma, Dochu, Dartlo.


1. Route-“visitor centre”. Hiking trip route.. Route duration-3 hours. Route length-1km. Period of time-June-October.

2. Route-“Keselo-kue”. Hiking trip route. Route duration -8 hours. Route length-10km. Period of time-June-October.

3. Route-“Oreti”. Horse route. Route duration-2 hours. Route length-18km. Period of time-June-September.

4. Route-“Love Fortress”. Hiking trip route. Route duration-5 hours. Route length-8km. Period of time-June-September.

5. Route-“Diklo”. Hiking trip route horse route. Route duration-3 days. Route length-35km. Period of time-June-September.

6. Route-“Diklo”. Horse route. Route duration-3 days. Routes length-34km. Period of time-June-September.

7. Route-“Dartlo-Kvavlo”. Hiking trip route, horse route. Duration-1-2 days. Routes length-36km. Period of time-June-September.

8. Route-“Gontai”. Hiking trip route, horse route. Route duration-1-2 days. Route length-36km. Period of time-June-September.

9. Route-“Tsovata”. Horse route. Route duration-5 days. Route length-80km. Period of time-June-September.

10. Route-“Dochu”. Hiking trip route, horse route. Route duration-2 days. Route length-22km. Period of time-June-September


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